• Carolyn Costrelo-Rugere

10 ways to destress after a long work week

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Getting through a long day at work can be enough of a challenge, never mind a long week. The last thing on anyone’s mind is to go home, and take the work day home with them. Having a few destressing strategies up your sleeve is key to a healthy life-style.

1. Healthy nutrition

The effect that our nutrition has on us is huge. The things we put into our mouth really affect our way of thinking. The saying, “you are what you eat,“ is so literal, and yet so true. Ask yourself why you are reaching for a particular food or drink? Is it because of hunger or thirst? Is it merely for the taste? Is it because of emotions? Next time you reach for something, ask yourself why you want it, and whether it will nourish your body? When you want a treat, go for something healthy. Remember, healthy food is the body’s treat; unhealthy food is the body’s punishment.

2. Take time for you

Taking time for yourself is critical in keeping yourself from burn out. Be kind to yourself and set some time aside to do something that you really enjoy. Maybe a a personal hobby, or something new that’s on your bucket list. Whatever you choose, make sure this is your time. After all, how can you take care of others if you cannot take care of yourself?

3. Connect with nature

Disconnect with the outside world, and connect with nature. Maybe a day out fishing, or some other out door adventure. Nature is one place you can be where there are no judgments given, only love and acceptance. Turn off all your electronic devices, and treat your mind to some peace and quiet. Connect with the outdoors where you can arouse all your senses.

4. Laughing

Who doesn’t love to have a good laugh? Laughter is truly the best medicine. It releases tension, and relaxes the muscles. It boosts the immune system, and can quickly curb a mood from dull to to happy. Read a funny book, watch your favorite comedy, or spend some time laughing with friends.

5. Exercise

The word exercise often carries with it a negative connotation, but it doesn’t have to. Exercise doesn’t have to be in gym; it can be anything that gets you moving. Choose an activity that you love, and have some fun with it. Exercise not only keeps the body healthy, but it also improves concentration and gives you energy.

6. Disconnect

How many of us can put down our electronics for a few hours? Try putting down all electronics for a couple hours every night; invest your time into experiences, and with the people you love. Who knows, it may just bring out a creative side you didn't even know about.

7. Live a little

Look for opportunities where you can grow and push your limitations. Be adventurous and explore. What have you always talked about doing, but have been holding yourself back on because you just haven't had the time. Make that time, and enjoy the experience of expanding your horizons.

8. Pay it forward

Look for opportunities to do something kind for someone. Is there a place you can volunteer, like the food bank, or at an animal shelter? Maybe make a phone call or send a card to let someone know you're thinking about them. These may not seem like much, but it’s the small things in life that sometimes mean the most.

9. Meditation

Surprising as it may seem, even just 15 minutes a day of taking the time to relax and refocus your mind can change your whole perspective for the day. Whether that be before you get up in the morning, or going to your favorite spot during the day, set that little bit of time aside every day, because you're worth it!!!!

10. Sleep

Sleep is detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. No, it's not the most exciting thing to do, but it's giving your body the loving care that it needs. Try driving your car on empty for a while; yeah, we all know that doesn't work. It's no different for our bodies. How can the body function on empty? It's a give and take system. Give your body the rest it needs, and it will give you back ten-fold in love and energy!!




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