• Carolyn Costrelo-Rugere

Coping Mechanisms

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

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How many times have you laid in bed in the morning and asked yourself, “what’s the point to life?” “What do I have to get up to?” If this is something that resonates with you, trust me when I say, I know the feeling, because I’ve been there myself. With all the things that are going on in the world today, people have reason to feel at a complete loss and disarray. The pain that individuals face on a daily basis is very real. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone.

The question is, what can we do to cope? How can we still enjoy life amidst all the chaos, without being drug into all the drama? As hopeless and dark as it may seem, there are everyday strategies to implement a happy, enjoyable way of life. It’s all about looking through a different pair of lenses. The mental pictures that we associate events with will either portray a negative or positive veil on the situation. I’m not saying that this negates what’s happening around us, but looking through a positive lens will not only brighten our outlook on life, but it will also allow us to see the opportunities in front of us, thereby making a difference in our lives, and the lives of others. We often allow our fears and the pictures we've created, to get in the way, and this creates a blindfold, distorting our way of thinking.

The words we say out loud have a massive impact on how we feel. Our ears are continuously eavesdropping on us, dictating our state of mind. It is well worth the time to sit down, think about all the negative things that we say, and write them down; on the other side of the paper, write down the opposite of those negative statements, focusing on replacing these for positive words and phrases.

Gratitude is rated as the number one go to for well-being. This is obviously the last thing that we think about when we feel like we are in the dark, not able to see a way out. As challenging as it may seem, physically saying the things we are grateful for shifts our outlook on life. Writing down three things we are thankful for every night before bed is an excellent mental state to go to sleep with. Being grateful for the smallest things is where it really counts. Do we have a bed to sleep on, running water, food on our table, clothes and shoes to wear? We’ve all lost our focus at times, and reveled in our own darkness, to the point that we take even the simplest things in life for-granted.

How about lending a helping hand to our neighbors, building each other up? Looking for opportunities in which we can give back to others will not only enrich our own lives, and the lives of others, but it will create a tight-knit community where we all stand together as one. If every one of us carries forward one random act of kindness every day, imagine the positive shift we will see in the world.

Be gentle and kind to yourself




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