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Coruca Transformations



Carolyn has a gift for this work! I received a RTT session from her on attracting and maintaining loving relationships. Loving the recording I’ll listen to for the next 21 days, it was tailored just to me and transforming my situation. In the past 2 weeks I’ve noticed the quality of all of my relationships improving. I’m able to let in higher quality people and experiences. Definitely recommend Carolyn!

- Melissa



I’ve worked with quite a lot of therapists and coaches, but Carolyn... She is just a whole different level. I have never met anyone whose words and insights I trust more. When I share the issues I’m dealing with, she holds this amazing non-judgemental space, allowing me to share whatever I feel and experience, or whatever comes to mind. Next up, her sharp observational skills combined with her gifted intuitive skills and vast array of knowledge and experience always have traced the problem down to the root and core. In just a few sentences, she’s able to help you see what’s going on, and often manages to totally change your perspective on the matter back into an empowered and healing one. With Carolyn’s support I feel invincible, because I know with her skills and coaching, I can solve any problem or issue I might be facing in life. At times I feel blindfolded in my own problems, struggling to find clarity. Carolyn is an expert at taking off the blindfold and guiding you back to your path, while finding deep healing using hypnosis.

- Jikke 

Going to Carolyn was great. She was very comforting, and made sure I was comfortable. I had gone to her because I had no confidence, and I second-guessed myself, and was too scared to say anything. During hypnosis I felt emotional, and she made sure I felt safe. When she brought me out of hypnosis, I felt 100 times better. I am now happy, confident, and able to express myself without second guessing my decisions. I am better thanks to Carolyn and her amazing hypnotherapy. I can honestly say that after going to see Carolyn, I would definitely go back for another. 

- Andrea 

It’s been a very interesting life for me as most of us have this condition called being human. As humans we struggle most of our lives with overwhelming feelings and emotions. Learning how to build tools, and how to use them in our lives is very important to continue our growth and happiness.


When I met Carolyn, I was struggling with self-confidence, and being able to make a decision, because I didn’t believe in myself to make a good one. Carolyn sat down with me, and had the most loving and kind conversation, listening to me and my issues.


She responded out of love, and asked if I would like to try hypnotherapy to help me overcome this and move forward. The session was so enlightening for me. She guided me into going deep within myself, and look and draw from the source to grow this more into my life. It has had amazing results.


Since then, I have not second guessed my choices or decisions I have made. My whole life has improved in every aspect due to this. I would very highly recommend her to anyone for anything they want help with in life.

- William